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Easy Scan Implant Technology

Step - 1
A: Remove healing cap from patients mouth
B: Place scan body in patients mouth
C: Take impression with scan body in place

Step - 2
A: Remove scan body ( keep to reuse )
B: Send the impression to our lab

Step - 3
A: We receive the impression
B: Our technician scans the impression

Step - 4
A: More accurate resin model is printed
B: Analog is place in resin model

Step - 5
A: Technician makes an abutments
B: Abutment is places on analog in the resin model

Step - 6
A: Crown of your choice is fabricated
B: The crown is place on the resin model and send back to your office

Step - 7
A: Remove healing cap from patients mouth
B: Please abutment in patients mouth
C: Seat finished crown..


"All On Four" Dental Implant

E-Tech Dental Laboratory assist you in your success for "All on Four" Dental Implant. 
We provide you the fabrication of Temporary Teeth, Surgical Dental Implant Guide and 
finally the Beautiful and Healthy set of Teeth.

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