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Fixed Restorations

1. PFM-Non Precious
2. E Max Crown
3. E Max Veneer
4. Zirconia Crown
5. Full Zirconia
6. Implant Crown
7. Implant Abutment
8. Final Screw
9. Scan Body
10. 3D Print Model
3D Prints
The 3D print model machine has made digital scanning possible. We are able to print resin models from an STL file as small as one unit or as large as a roundhouse.
These models are more accurate and you can keep them forever .
With 3D prints models are able to make anything from a PFM to a cast partial frame.
Easy Scan Implant Technology This new easy scan and implant has several benefits.
You save valuable time with patients!!!
Crown are more accurate!!!
You save an outstanding amount of money!!!
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