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Dental Implant Surgical Guide

Dental Implant Surgical Guide
When you partner with E-Tech Dental Laboratory, you work with experienced implant surgical guide technicians who have completed thousands of virtual cases involving implant restorations

Bone Supported Surgical Guide
Our 3D Surgical Implant Guide improves all your esthetic outcomes and guarantees more efficiency, comfortable, Implant Surgery for you and your patient.
Fabricating Surgical Guides from our Stratasys printer to you.
Fast Pick Up and Delivery
E-Tech Dental Laboratory is pleased to offer same-day service for our customers in Monterey Park, Alhambra, Rosemead, San Marino, Montebello, Torrance, San Gabriel and South Pasadena. Call us within 24 hours to reserve same day service..
High Quality
E-Tech Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental laboratory. Superior quality and devotion is poured into all of our products.
We excel at implant surgical guide dentistry. Planning and scanning enables us to create custom abutments and/or surgical guides.
We understand the importance of tissue modification on the model and you will see and feel the difference that comes from E-Tech Dental Laboratory high-quality surgical guides and implant restorations
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