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Save You Time and Money
- 8 Minute Denture Repair brings you a professional removable prosthesis repair service.
- We love what we do, and that is to help people like you.
- 90 years old ↑ FREE crack repair
- 85 years old ↑ 50% off crack repair
- We can repair your full or partial denture, and replace one or several broken teeth. We can also add a clasp or teeth.
- We offer professional denture cleaning to give you a bright and confident smile.
- We only use FDA-ADA approved dental material to ensure the highest quality of partial and full denture repair.


What We Offer
- Add teeth
- Add clasp
- Repair crack
- Add mesh
- Use Lucitone 199
- Rebuild gum area with new acrylic
- Professional cleaning & polishing
- Duplicate denture
- Extra 1 year warranty
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